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Who we are

Who we are
Excellence, Compliance and Ethics

Fertility Ukraine is a full-service assisted reproduction agency. Our main focus is on cross-border reproductive care. We assist people worldwide by facilitating the entire process and all stages of their journey in achieving parenthood through the donation of gametes and Ukrainian surrogacy programs here.

Our agency was founded in 2019 by Roman Kolos (attorney-at-law and partner with the Ukrainian law firm ArsLegem) and Iryna Yarotska (a doctor of medicine, obstetrician-gynaecologist, and director of the Academic Medical Centre).

What sets Fertility Ukraine apart from most Ukrainian agencies is the fact that it was established by experienced professionals that prize their reputation and never cut corners. We take personal care in providing services in the sensitive and responsible area as cross-border assisted reproduction.

Our Core Values

As an assisted reproduction agency that was founded by experienced and reputable professionals from the area of law and medicine, Fertility Ukraine is perhaps the first (and as of today maybe the only) Ukrainian assisted reproduction agency that is strictly guided by ethical principles and values.


We strive to achieve perfection in everything we do. Starting with legal documents that we prepare for you, procedures related to recruitment and matching of donors and gestational carriers, up to planning and facilitating your journey to parenthood. We also apply very strict quality standards while choosing fertility clinics, maternity hospitals, psychologists or any other specialists involved in your program, ensuring that you receive the best treatment available.


In addition to strict compliance with local laws, Fertility Ukraine applies best practices and ethical standards on a daily basis that were established by such well-known reproductive medicine authorities as, ESHRE and ASRM. We also care about your privacy by using GDPR and HIPAA compliant end-to-end encrypted data storage and file sharing solutions. This approach allows us to minimize risks (both legal and medical) and provides parents added comfort that the entire process is conducted in a professional, ethical, and responsible manner.


Our agency only enters into ethically permissible paid surrogacy arrangements that are based fully on informed consent of all participants. All parties undergo appropriate psychological, medical, and legal counselling. Independent legal counselling also is provided to gestational carriers and the egg donor. We ensure that all parties have an absolutely clear understanding of the requisite benefits and risks. We also make sure that when it comes to compensating gamete donors or gestational carriers, it avoids undue inducement or risk of exploitation.


We are fully sincere and honest in what we do, how we do it, and how we charge for our services and handle any third-party expenses. Most Ukrainian agencies charge a “package” fee that covers “everything” – this creates an inherent conflict of interest because the less they spend on your behalf, the more they earn. We clearly distinguish our fees from any third-party expenses, which are handled separately and are charged at cost. We provide our clients with regular reports, confirmation of receipts, etc. We are on the future family’s side throughout the parenthood journey since we represent your interests and act on your behalf, rather than “sell” you a “package.”

Who we are
At Fertility Ukraine we merged local
knowledge and experience with
internationally recognised best practices
and ethical standards. We advise and
represent, instead of "selling".
Roman Kolos
Attorney at Law, Founder of Fertility Ukraine
Infertility Treatment in Ukraine? Yes, and This Is Why:

Ukraine is the go-to European destination for such fertility treatments as, donor conception and gestational surrogacy. The reasons are: favourable laws, highly-qualified medical personnel, reputable and well-equipped private clinics, affordable prices, and convenience of travel.

Favourable laws

Ukraine is one of the very few European countries where the use of most forms of assisted reproductive technology (ART), including a surrogacy is legal and is highly regulated. Patients have access to egg and sperm donation, preimplantation genetic diagnosis, egg freezing and cryopreservation of embryos, etc. Additionally, married heterosexual couples may conceive through commercial or altruistic gestational surrogacy arrangements. The parental rights of prospective parents are recognized at the moment of conception and both intended parents are listed on the child’s birth certificate with no need for any additional court orders or other formal actions in Ukraine.

Experience in Art

The first successful in vitro insemination (IVF) in Ukraine took place in 1984. The first baby born with IVF in Ukraine was in 1991. Currently, there are over 50 private clinics in Ukraine that use ART. Ukrainian statistical rates of clinical pregnancies (36.5%) and successful births (29.5%) are comparable and even higher than the average European country when using combined statistics for all age groups. Successful birth rates using donated eggs and/or surrogates may easily reach figures close to 80%.

Convenience of Travel

Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, has two international airports with direct flights to most major cities. You may also conveniently travel to many smaller airports throughout Europe with low-cost airlines. No entry visa to Ukraine is required for citizens of over 60 countries (EU states, the U.S., Canada, and Japan). Passport holders of over 50 other countries (e.g. Australia, Mexico, and Saudi Arabia) may apply for electronic visas. Accommodation and transportation could easily be booked on,, Uber, etc.

Reasonable Prices

Ukraine competitively offers affordable prices for high-quality ART treatment. Intended parents are likely to spend less than 50% on treatments with donated eggs or gestational surrogacy, as compared to the same scope and level of services in the U.S. or Canada. What is more important, you get the same level of flexibility and legal comfort, when it comes to choosing oocyte donors or arrangements with a gestational carrier. The same is true for surgical procedures (e.g. laparoscopic surgery for endometriosis, fibroids, etc.) and more simple treatment, like social oocyte cryopreservation.

We hope our publications will help guide you in making a fully-informed decision along the path to achieving parenthood
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