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What we do

What we do
Smooth, Safe, and Stress Free
Medical treatment in a foreign country always can be stressful, confusing and even overwhelming (when simple things like scheduling an appointment or completing a medical form, turn into “mission impossible”). Assisted reproduction is even more complicated. It usually involves several medical specialists, lawyers, psychologists, etc. To find an appropriate egg donor and/or surrogate mother may be yet another challenge for intended parents. And this requires careful planning and coordination.

Surrogacy and egg donation in Ukraine is our job. We take the administrative and organizational burden off your shoulders and make the surrogacy process in your journey to parenthood as smooth, safe, and stress-free, as possible. This includes a lawyer and psychologist who specialize in surrogacy and egg donation.
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Comprehensive Q&A Guide
Our guide is for intended parents who are considering treatment in Ukraine. We cover the most important legal and practical aspects of assisted reproduction, including egg donation and the full-cyclical surrogacy process
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