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The COVID-19 Vaccine and Pregnancy: Brief Summary

August 17 2021
by Roman Kolos
August 17 2021

Many prospective parents approach us with questions in relation to COVID-19 vaccination and pregnancy. This issue became even more important with spread of the new highly contagious delta variant of the virus.

Below we try to summarise important information on this issue that comes from a trustworthy official sources. We hope that this summary will assist you in making an informed and responsible decision.

  • There is an increased risk of adverse outcomes for women infected with COVID-19 during pregnancy I;
  • Vaccination either pre-conception or early during pregnancy is the best way to reduce maternal/fetal complications II;
  • None of the currently available (internationally recognised) COVID-19 vaccines reach or cross the placenta. The intramuscularly administered vaccine mRNA remains in the deltoid muscle cell cytoplasm for just a few days before it is destroyed III;
  • Protective antibodies to COVID-19 have been shown to cross the placenta and confer protection to the baby after delivery IV;
  • COVID-19 vaccination does not induce antibodies against the placenta V;
  • Existing data suggest COVID19 vaccination during pregnancy does not increase risk of miscarriage VI;
  • COVID19 vaccination does not impact male or female fertility or fertility treatment outcomes VII.

Stay Safe!

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