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How to start

How to start
Ready, Steady, Go!

We understand that the use of assisted reproduction technology (ART), especially in a foreign country, may be complicated, stressful, confusing and even overwhelming. That’s why our team of professional lawyers, psychologists, and case managers will do their best to make this experience as safe, easy, and stress-free as possible.

Submit an Online Application

There are no “one-size-fits-all” solutions when it comes to an egg donor or finding a surrogate mother as part of assisted reproduction in Ukraine. Each case is unique, as well as needs and expectations of intended parents. Please complete this online application to help us better understand your requirements so that we could provide a custom-tailored fee quote for services and related costs. Since we have no written contract yet, we suggest keeping the questionnaire impersonal (we only ask for your email address and first name to provide a response).

Step 1

Discuss and Finalize Details

Within 48 hours after we receive your online application (we may need this time to verify certain questions with medical service providers, etc.) we shall provide a fee quote and detailed information regarding our services that pertain to your circumstances. Should you have any additional questions or comments, please contact us by email or phone to discuss further (using the reference number included in the email from us for identification purposes).

Step 2

Contract with Fertility Ukraine

Once all the details are agreed upon, a service agreement is signed between you and our agency. Depending on the treatment program, two sets of contracts might be drawn up (one for our services, another to facilitate any related third-party costs and expenses). To make this legally binding, please provide notarized copies of your passports and marriage certificate (if applicable), which will be also used for the next step.

Step 3

Program Enrolment Formalities

Once the agreement is duly signed and you have settled our enrolment fee, we may proceed to your enrolment in the treatment program with a Ukrainian clinic. We will prepare all the necessary documents, medical and consent forms, waivers, their certified translations, etc. (all the documents will be bilingual or supported by English translations). Our in-house lawyers will offer you counselling with regards to fertility treatment, including the surrogacy process, in Ukraine. You will also be assigned a dedicated case manager from our agency, who will be the key point of contact on any organizational and legal matters. Additionally, we will schedule appointment(s) with a reproductology specialist (visit or online, depending on the circumstances) who will oversee the program.

Step 4

Egg Donation and/or Surrogacy Program in Ukraine

At this point, your treatment program starts. Our agency will find and match appropriate egg donors and a surrogate mother for you, conduct background checks, medical and psychological screenings, etc. Our legal team will draw up all the contracts, hold negotiations and execute them. We will ensure that all involved parties are fully aware of what to do and when. During the surrogacy process, we will monitor your gestational carrier during pregnancy and delivery of baby, and provide regular updates.

Step 5

Please note that during COVID-19, we attempt limit physical contact as much as possible. Consequently, it might be possible handle all the arrangements with no need to travel to Ukraine, at least at the initial stages of a program. For more details please see our COVID-related notice here.

Apply for a Fee Quote
Each case is unique, so are the needs and expectations of intended parents.
Please complete this application form so that we can assess your requirements
in a custom-tailored proposal
Comprehensive Q&A Guide
Our guide is for intended parents who are considering treatment in Ukraine. We cover the most important legal and practical aspects of assisted reproduction, including egg donation and the full-cyclical surrogacy process
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