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Surrogacy Fees and Costs Explained

April 09 2021
by Roman Kolos
April 09 2021

Hiring a specialized agency eases the emotional and logistical burden for families who are considering international surrogacy to bring a child into the world. A responsible approach inevitably starts with financial planning that would cover costs for egg donation or commercial surrogacy. To ultimately ensure success, the combined efforts of a variety of specialists is required – from different medical professionals, to lawyers and psychologists. Thus, prospective parents who pursue cross-border care should budget for medical costs, and in most cases, the need to hire a specialized agency in their country of destination. This is where Fertility Ukraine professionally and responsibly handles the entire planning and coordination process while minimizing the stress and worrying for families.

Wherever such procedures are legally regulated, the price of infertility treatment with surrogacy or egg donation greatly differs from country to country. The main reason why couples seek such treatment outside their country of residence is to reduce the cost of care and circumvent cumbersome legal restrictions. However, when browsing the offers and price lists of various fertility agencies or human reproduction centers, it can often be confusing or puzzling to understand for what exactly you are paying, what is covered and what hidden costs exist.

Let us outline the structure of fees and costs of a surrogacy arrangement with our agency based on a real-life scenario

Our agency, Fertility Ukraine, focuses on facilitating egg donation and surrogacy programs. We don’t offer so-called “guaranteed” or “all-inclusive” packages that are so widespread in Ukraine. We consider them to be marketing tricks and unethical because they don’t take the best interests of prospective parents to heart. Instead, they are often harmful for both sides because they create an inevitable conflict of interest for a clinic or an agency.

We will discuss this issue more in depth in a separate article. For the purpose of this article, let us outline the structure of fees and costs of a surrogacy arrangement with our agency based on a real-life scenario.


A couple from the United States underwent surrogacy treatment in Ukraine using their own gametes (sperm and oocytes). The intended parents partially conducted medical screening in the U.S. and then completed it at a Ukrainian clinic. They, together with a physician, decided not to do PGS. It was a single embryo transfer. The first attempt did not lead to pregnancy. The second embryo transfer (the remaining embryos were cryopreserved) was successful and led to the birth of a healthy boy in the 39th week. He was delivered via physiological birth (no Cesarean Section was required). It took them five weeks to complete all the formalities at their embassy in order to fly back home with their newborn son.

Below is an outlined schedule of fees and costs related to the program. Please note that some figures were rounded up for convenience purposes. The schedule does not include certain expenses that relate to the preferences and specific budgets of prospective parents such as, flights, accommodation, entertainment and in-country travel. There are plenty of hotels, apartment rentals, and restaurants in Kyiv that will satisfy every type of customer, whereas car-sharing services are much cheaper than in most European capitals.

Schedule of Fees and Costs

1Agency fee (admin) covers all agency services up till confirmed pregnancy, including program enrolment formalities with clinic, translation of documents, schedluing appointments, coordination of ips and sm, etc.€ 3 000
2Matching fee (surrogate mother) covers medical screening, psychological screening, background check€ 3 000
3Medical screening of ips, semen analysis and cryopreservation (6 month)€ 800
4Legal fees – gestational carrier agreement€ 2 500
5Legal fees – independent legal counseling for surrogate mother€ 300
6Legal expenses – notarial fee, certifications, etc.€ 700
7Surrogate mother insurance (life and disability)€ 500
8Services of the fertility clinic

preparation of sm and im (including medications), synchronisation of cycles
€ 2 400
9Services of the fertility clinic

ivf with icsi (fresh transfer), hcg test (10 days after transfer)
€ 1 500
10Cryopreservationof of 4 embryos (vitrification) and storage up to 6 month€ 400
11Preparation of the surrogate mother for second transfer, tawing and transfer of additional embryo (after unsuccesfull attempt), hcg test (10 days after transfer)€ 1 500
12Compensation to surrogate mother€ 17 000
13Reimbursement of the surrogate mother’s costs (travel, pregnancy clothing, nutrition, accomodation, etc)€ 3 600
14Agency fee (pregnancy supervision, including birth)€ 6 000
15Noninvasive prenatal testing (nipt)€ 1 000
16Medical support from confirmed pregnancy (positive hcg test) and untill 9th week (includes screenings, medications, bloodwork, ultrasounds, appointments with ob/gyn and other specialists)€ 600
17Medical support from 9th week till birth (includes regular screenings, medications, bloodwork, ultrasounds, appointments with ob/gyn and other specialists, up to two weeks of hospital stay, if required)€ 2 000
18Reimbursement of the surrogate mother’s costs – moving to kyiv and accomodation after 29 week of pregnancy (close to birth clinic)€ 2 200
19Escrow services for intended parents (eur 150 per month)€ 2 100
20Physiological birth at private maternity hospital, including a separate standard room for sm with 4 meals daily – for 2 days after physiological birth. includes neonatal therapy (also intensive therapy if required) of a full-term baby up to 14 days€ 3 000
21Legal Fee (Birth Certificate and assistence with embassy filing for a passport)€ 1 500
22DNA Test – Parenthood (made by U.S. lab accredited with the embassy)€ 350

Although we do not offer bulk priced packages, all of our fees (agency and legal) and most third-party costs (fertility clinic, maternity hospital, etc.) are fixed rates. Consequently, you have the added comfort of knowing that the treatment price will stay within the estimated budget.

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    The following chart presents a breakdown of the surrogacy program price by the type of costs.

    Surrogacy Fees and Costs Explained

    The payment schedule is also important, especially considering that a surrogacy program may take from 12 to 16 months. In addition, there is a difference between paying everything upfront or when making installment payments. Our agency charges for its services as they are rendered. Regarding any third-party costs and expenses, including compensation for the surrogate mother and medical costs, we normally insist that intended parents secure such payments by transferring corresponding amounts to an escrow account. Below, please see the approximate payment schedule based on the above-mentioned case study.

    Surrogacy Fees and Costs Explained


    Have any questions? Want to discuss your particular case? It’s easy. Contact us here and we will get in touch as soon as practicable.

    We understand that each case is unique as equally as the needs and expectations are of prospective parents. Surrogacy treatment often also involves the donation of eggs or additional genetic screening, etc. What will be the cost of your surrogacy program, or a program with donated oocytes, or a combination of both? In order to be able to answer such questions, our agency has developed a custom tailored on-line application form. Once you complete it, we will be able to offer a personalized price quote for our services and any related costs that address your preferences/requirements.

    The average cost of surrogacy in Ukraine is very reasonable, compared to other countries where this treatment is legal and regulated. Should you decide to do it in Ukraine, our agency will ensure to provide you with an adequate level of comfort and safety, taking the burden of legal and organizational matters off your shoulders.

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